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one who looks incredibly nerdy with a twist of emo and scene. they often wear new era flatpeaks with chunky thick rim glasses, and often large graphic print band t shirts. hoodies are simply a must for any nerdmo with the hood always being up and most importantly, large plugs symbolise the nerdmo stereotype. they are often clever with unusual tastes of music who are fed up of everyone liking chart music and common high street fashion trends.
Kid 1: Hey man, check out that group of nerdmo's over there.
Kid 2: Yeah, they're waiting for that Dillinger Escape Plan gig so it doesn't surprise me.
by Clipping The Apex July 12, 2011
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A nerd that doesn't fit in and gives up their originality and becomes an emo to impress the opposite sex.
That kid over their used to help me with stuff on the computer but now he's a nerdmo.
by Lowercase Person December 22, 2006
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