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Where two nerds are flirting through talking about nerd stuff.
The most common method of nerd flirting is through having a debate about something nerdy.
Ha! Ha! Annie totally engaging in nerd flirt with that guy over there.
by Anna Lisa August 14, 2007
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when two nerds who obviously like each other are incredibly socially inept and attempt to flirt with each other while talking about extrememly nerdy things. nerd flirting often includes talking about classes or homework while awkwardly laughing, blushing, and looking away. When two nerds nerd flirt they might push up their glasses or even right an awkward note and have a friend deliver said note to the nerd flirtee. While nerd flirting the nerds practically avoid all physical contact, no hugging or kissing. Watching a nerd flirt can be extremely obvious especially if the afore mentioned nerds try to include you in the awkward flirting to make them feel more comfortable.
Look! Watch Jessica nerd flirt with Noah over there!
by The one behind you!!! January 21, 2010
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