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(1). Noun-A person who claims to be "to the left" of Democrats, and who also tends to call Democrats/Democratic voters/the Democratic Party names, such as "neoliberal," without even knowing what such terms mean. Often a Bernie Sanders/Jill Stein/"Independent" diehard individual/ group who claims that Democrats are "centrists," "the same as the GOP," or uses 5-10 lengthy words, for which they have no actual definition. Examples: "neoliberal," "oligarchy," "shill," "corporatism," "rigged," "hillbot/Hillbot," etc.

(2). Adj.-A descriptive word for an individual or group who embodies any of the characteristics enumerated above.
Variations: N/neoprogressive(s) (noun, plural), neoprogressivism (noun), neoprogressivist (adj.), neo-progressive (noun), neoprogressively (adv.).
(1). Noun: She's such a neoprogressive! She just told me that I get paid by George Soros to be a "Hillbot" and that I'm trapped in a "neoliberal ideology."

(2). Adj.: He's so neoprogressive--he has no problem that Bernie got elected because of the NRA, but he calls Democrats "sellouts."
by MinutesUp June 09, 2018
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