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Neo-era rap is what happened when rappers get bought out by the now greedy pop culture. While in the early years of rap even mc hammer had meaning the neo era rap has stained our minds. This isn't even racist because I have to give kudos to early rap and especially music of the 50's-80's. Only certain music though.
It is what has created the horrible creatures known as wiggers also known as wigros' or even wangsters. In the early age of rap there was only 1 wigger and that was vanilla ice.
Now let me tell you a story that wraps it together. A long time ago back in the old days (give or take the 30s to 50s) it was a nice time with no heat from pop. No pop at all at that. Then pop was formed in the 1950s after Stalin's death of course back then it was just a genre of easy listening.Se at the beginning pop was innocent and pure and it stayed that way for a long time. Even into the Michael Jackson era was it good but suddenly in the 90's it became evil.
It spawned the boy bands. That was due to the greediness that infected the pure heart of pop. Hookers like brittney spears was born who made madonna look like a noble woman. From there it made rappers become greedy slobs all about money. Music lost its pure hearted meaning and became horrible. For example look at the song riding dirty. It has no meaning. Now compare it to the book of love. See the difference.
Now you see we can stop neo-era rap if we work together but it takes team work. Everyone go and destroy pop culture and bring back the late great people like phil spector back and make the world a better place.
The thing that brainwashes the current generation is neo-era rap
The reason great people like phil spector are gone from our minds is neo-era rap.
by The Last of the Old Age October 26, 2006
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