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(na-kai-uh) is one of the most nicest people you will ever meet. She tends to be hilarious and have a great sense of humor while also being very fit and flexible. This girl is an amazing friend you should trust her forever and always. She is the best bĂŚ you will ever have. This girl is smart and makes your heart melt of joy. She is very organized and plans all things out. Her friends family and God are her life. When you meet a Nekaiya you should try to be her friend because she will change your life. You will be happier and happier each day. While nekaiyas tend to have some bad days they also have great bodies and a cute style. These girls keep your secret so trust them with all of your heart. Every chance you get to be with a Nekaiya will be amazing so be this girls best friend and you will love her till the end.
Nekaiya is the sexiest chick ever just look at her do those splits!
by Alex_Alex500 March 14, 2015
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