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A cute and considerate neighbour that may keep an eye on your house when you are away, or occasionally leave you cute treats on your doorstep like fruits or vegetables from their garden. A neighbabe can refer to a male or female, with the only condition that they must be cute. Even if they don’t live right next door, the proximity of your neighbourhood is close enough to be considered a neighbabe. Not to be confused with a neighbro, who is a male that lives close by and does solid shit for you like shovel snow on your sidewalk or cut your lawn when you’re on vacation.
I was in my back garden taking my cat for a walk on his leash when my neighbabe spied me from over the fence and gave me some fresh turnips from her garden. She smiled at me and complimented my cat. We flirted for a while until her dad glared at me from their kitchen window, so then I went back into my house.
by Therealcatdaddy August 07, 2018
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