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The fine line between negligence and genius.

Used primarily to describe feats of engineering or maintenence. Most often seen in cash poor, resource rich environments - developing nations being the prime example.
Our upstairs neighbour asked the landlord to replace her mouldy, disintegrating shower curtain one day while she was out. When she came home, she found a brand spanking new shower curtain hanging up, but this one was a good 20 cm too short to actually curtain the shower.

She mentioned this small, but fairly important, problem to the landlord and the next day she came home to find not a new, longer shower curtain, nor a strip of plastic stapled onto the bottom of the old one.

Instead, the shower rail had been wrenched out of its fittings and reaffixed into some holes that had been whacked into the tiles 20 centimetres lower down the wall.

Her bathroom now looked like a construction site, but she had a functional shower. That, my friends, is negligenius.
by datakid October 17, 2011
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