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A Choleric - Melancholy, usually male in their early to late twenties, often beyond that with maximal pessimism, with high intensities of all the outstanding choleric and melancholy traits, which isn't very common for that temperament set, as extreme pessimism would be more associated and limited to the temperament set Mel-Chlor. A negamonster has nothing good to say about anything or anyone, and will twist anything completely positive that isn't bastardized into something completely negative. When one is like this, you know something demonic is going on. BTW, Christianity is far from the only faith that recognizes not only the existence of them, but how maximally evil they are. Even some if not many Buddhists, Gnostics and Occultists may recognize their role on the planet.
Great, that negamonster is approaching us to discourage us of the things we are thinking about majoring in at our college!
by Jay Leo July 06, 2014
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