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An expression used to express the dismay one has about their country when we see constant examples of how we pander to the lowest common demoninator of our society. Examples are endless and represent the beginning of the eventual demise of this great nation. (Also NoVC)
- Why do drive up ATM machines have Braille instructions, NoVC!
- Why do I have to release my fucking GPS system from liability everytime I start my goddamn car, NoVC!
- Why do ladders have 20 fucking warning labels on them telling you not to do things that only a moron would think of, NoVC!
- Why do juries award the dumbass parents of an imbecile child that died of carbon monoxide poisoning because they let it teak surf behind a boat, NoVC!
- Why do we complain about kids' video games and music being too violent, then we get them fucking counselors when some dipship at their school offs themselves, NATION OF VEAL CALVES!
- Fuck the ACLU, btw.
by Devon Null June 21, 2006
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