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"Naschkatze" originates from the German language, which literally translated means "a cat that likes to eat sweets". Unlike the literal translation suggests, the term Naschkatze can be used in connection with any living creature with huge candy cravings and is not limited to only cats. They will go to great lengths to fulfill their sugar addiction. A Naschkatze usually has a very good taste for sweet treats and shines with their knowledge on self-made improvised spontaneous deserts or when trying to make up one's mind on what item to pick from the desert menu when eating out. Following a Naschkatze's advise is always a safe when it comes to satisfy one's need for sugary dishes.
Paul: Hey, where did all the coconut & pineapple flavored ice cream go?
Jeff: I think Jessica used it all for making her world-famous "Raspberry Delight" and ate the rest as a starter before dinner was served.
Paul: She is such a "Naschkatze"! I hope her "Raspberry Delight" will be as good as the "Pear Explosion" she made for desert yesterday.
by tom_ek November 20, 2017
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