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Nasal grazing is when disrespecting other people's privacy has become too excessive or habitual. Figuratively, nasal grazing can mean someone is so comfortable with being "nosey" that they "graze" as they do it. However, the term nasal grazing is best explained as the antonym of naval gazing. Whereas navel gazing is defined as "excessive introspection or obsession with a minuscule issue (often missing the bigger picture)," nasal graving means "excessive extrospection or obsession with *every* issue (an impossible if not useless task) ."

For example, the person can be obsessed with everyone else's private matters or simply trying to understand every single piece of information in the world (e.g. trying to read every single book, understand every single stock-market fluctuation, learn about every single astronomical fact, etc..). While the imagery of a navel gazer is a person so obsessed with oneself (or a small single-issue) that they are caught staring at their own belly-button, the imagery of a nasal grazer is a person who is so obsessed with every single extra piece of information that they are not just being nosey themselves but can be caught grazing on other people's nosiness.
"I hear John keeps a spreadsheet documenting every single piece of information he finds! What a nasal grazer!"
"Don't speak to Sally, she's such a nasal grazer he will start prying into your personal life every single day."
"Looks like Facebook's new terms of agreement are trying to master the art of nasal grazing."
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by DoomLittle December 30, 2015
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