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An anime or manga of pure righteousness that was created far too early in the flow of time to be truly appreciated for what it really is. Naruto comes back to the village after training under his master for two long years. Sakura is stronger and study useful, hinata is still shy as hell, kiba is still a prick, but not with a big dog. Shiba got even quieter it seems while Shikamaru got even smarter beyond compare. Ino didn't really change but choji grew much kinder and learned how to get even fatter. Tenten summons up many more weapons and rock Lee is officially the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. And Neji... Poor, poor Neji... in the end he was a genius... Sasuke is still being a douche and denying his romantic feels for naruto and we learn much much more shut Itachi and his backstory.
by Naruto Shippuuden July 29, 2014
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