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A nanophyte is an employee who is helpless without their nanomanager. Nanophytes can be generally identified by a helpless look on their faces, punctuated by dark brown noses due to their incessant and persistent desire to be nanomanaged by their chain of command. In true nanomanager style, nanophytes are effectively additional arms of their nanomanager, yet do not possess the mental capabilities of full-fledged humans and rely on the nanomanager for most non-instinctive processes.
The department nanophytes (aces in their roles) waited obediently for instruction from the nanomanager, who controlled every detail of their day. Due to the off-site nanomanager meeting, the nanophytes skipped lunch as they could not decide on an appropriate breaktime without specific guidance from their nanomanager. This was fortunate, as lunch would have resulted in additional needs for bio-breaks, again, a challenge for nanophytes without proper supervision.
by Stage Left August 06, 2009
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