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The deepest part of southern Maryland you never know what you’re going to find all the way back in these swamps. Also known as the moy where boys often call them selves the “moy boys” and have three layers of dirt and smell like swamp ass

Meth labs and moonshine brewing are the many attractions to visit while down in the sticks , now don’t try looking it up because it doesn’t even show up on the maps

All nanjemoys finest get filtered straight into lackey Highschool for the best four years of there life; education at its finest

Your lucky to make it out the moy by the age of 62 , most end up dying of claumoydia, a disease of dirty cousins hooking up with each up and getting sick and dying
“Damn you went all the way to the moy just to crack a cold one with the boys
“ who got shot in the moy today”
Nanjemoy, where’s that?”
by MannyMua February 12, 2018
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