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nakialia is the type of person that is crazy unique and a very caring person. she is beautiful, funny, great person to talk to has a good taste in music and is very understanding. she is a great girlfriend. she is the kind of person who isn't afraid to tell you whats on her mind and if you mess with you might want to step away she is a very nice person but if you make her mad be prepared. all in all nakialia is the best to be friends with and even better to have a girlfriend.
by anonymous95687 September 18, 2018
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The most beautiful person in the world who everyone wants to be with, if u ever get a Nakialia you're really lucky, they will be there threw thick and thin and will always help you, no matter what and they got a nice booty. :)
by Jaiden1234547 April 23, 2018
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