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Leader of Johnny's Entertainment group, Sexy Zone. Known to be the "idol of idols", as he has mastered the ways of being a handsome, sparkly, kiss-blowing idol better than most ever will. Previous member of Johnny's Jr. subgroup, B.I. Shadow.

Nakajima plays piano, and often sings as he plays on-stage. He is also often times the only singer in Sexy Zone to not lip sync in songs during their performances. Nakajima is also known to be one of the best dancers in the Johnny's business.

He is among the few Johnny's idols that attend college, and is a sociology major. Nakajima is known to be an extreme tryhard, though it has paid off well in his career.

He is known for his acting roles in drama, "Bad Boys J", lead role in the movie, "Silver Spoon", based on the manga.
by Loveholic January 11, 2016
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