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Naggatha...a descriptive pseudo-name, pet-name, nick name, or biting
wisecrack to insult, wake-up, or identify someone who constantly, unstoppably,
irrationally, condescendingly, finds fault in everyone else, complains,
BITCHES and NAGS repetitively--
As perfect and amazing as she is,
everyone else despises this GARGANTUAN nagging pain in the ass.
**Typically, a title for the unhappy also comes in men's sizes too!!
**Nagbert** is the best rude, emasculating, satisfying insult for the guy in your life,
when he's acting like a lil bitch...
"Who's that I hear..? Its Naaagggggathha, you're right Ms.Naggaaathha...
my compliments to the nag!!"
We all have that energy-sucking, nagging, complainer in our life--
a parent, gf/bf, neighbor, in-law, that jerk coworker--
When their bitching rant begins, you hear it their voice--
-before the first complaining word is spoke

"Shit she never stops, this attitude never works...
shut this nagging bitch up!"
**Instead**in dry sarcastic tone** reply...
"Yes Ms. Naggatha...of course my bad. thanks Ms. Nagggggggaathhhaaaa...)
Satisfaction felt, nag speechless, karma served, escape immediately!
by Mistress Jenocide October 05, 2013
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