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A small beautiful town situated at the south end of india in the state of tamil nadu. It is the head quarters of the district of kanyakumari. 98% of the people are having tamil as the mother tongue. Any how most of the people can understand malayalam also. The people of the town are well educated. This is one among the places in the world where there are more number of doctors and hospitals with respect to population. The town is very famous for the availability of large varieties of delicious bananas. Salty and sweety crispy chips made from thiese long bananas are very popular in nagercoil. The town is named after a popular hindu temple called nagaraja (naa-ga-raa-jaa) temple, which was once (1000 years back) a jain temple, where the primary daity is naaga, the devine snake. St.Xavour's Church is the another popular roman catholic church built by St.Xaviour. The town is having an integrated population of 30% hindus, 28% christians and 2% muslims. The slang of tamil language used in nagercoil and sorounding area is very different and unique, which is easily identifiable. Various major parts of the town include maNi-mEdai, meenaakshi-puram, kOttar, vada-sEri, kishnan-kOil, ozhugina-sEri, vadiveesvaram, raamavarma-puram, chetti-kuLam, mangaLaa-theru, puthu-kudi-iruppu and paarvathi-puram
elE makkaa, eppidi lE irukaa..
namma oora patthi yaathO pOttirikyaan paatthiyaa..
neeyoon yaathaavathu' chellapdaathaa..

chEri... pOrEn.. kEttiyaa..
by Padmakumar. R October 16, 2003
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