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A loyal, creative amazing beautiful girl, gorgeous doesn’t even fill it up, she is beautiful outside and within. She has a booty, a lovely size, is usually 5’7, embraces her natural self.. she daily bathes herself In integrity hidden behind her closed walls. She knows how to utilise every penny and she will push you towards growth past your comfort zones for the better. She is always very present, and has the capability to assimilate anything that isn’t making sense to anyone else in the same room as her. She is always one step ahead of others, so you know best not to mess around with her feelings. She has an enormous heart, one that she always feels the need of others, but dont let this deceive you...she doesn’t forget the small bad things done towards her, however she has the most forgiving heart. If you are looking for a perfect girlfriend/wife, Naciza is the lady to get married to. She is a wife to be.

They say money doesn’t bring happiness..
But Naciza does!
‘Omg who is this phazmorizing woman over there?’
‘Ohhh that’s Naciza... everyone wants to hook up with her for an eternal lifespan
‘Sweet...sweetho, she’s mine!’
by UnblindedBillyutie May 13, 2018
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