nacho bitch (Olivia) is the most drop-dead gorgeous angel to ever walk on this earth. She has the most beautiful, golden and luscious curls and the most mesmerising green eyes. Her beauty is out of this world and every guy probably falls for her. Her loyalness, kindness is amazing. She picks you up whenever you fall and provides you with endless care when you need it. She lights up the room and brings a smile to everyone's faces with her humour. She's everyone's source of happiness and you need an angel like her in your life. She can help face your problems and listens to them carefully, even though she has her own problems to face and she's always got your back when you need her there. Nacho bitch is a badass and can be a bitch to anyone when she wants to. She's a savage and y'all need to watch your back when you mess with her. Nacho bitches are lovable and the most caring and huggable, especially the ones called Olivia. when she's not responding to your messages, that means she's eating her nachos.
p1: woah who's that girl??
p2: is that shrek??
p3: nah nah thats nacho bitch aka olivia shes amazing.
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by FleurFlamingo May 29, 2019
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