Ndari is a thats not that secretive, he just doesn’t want to talk about things that are emotionally difficult. He will lie only if he doesn’t want to deal with the boring consequences of his words, never out of fear. Sometimes dont see the point of honesty because he doesn’t really want to get too attached or close to anyone. N'dari is openhearted, grand in his gestures and easy to talk to. Also, have a very funny personality and many see him as an "ugly" even himself ,but he nowhere near ugly outside or inside. Just don't piss him off and then you'll really see the ugly of him. Overall, N'Dari can make a great ass friend just never get on his bad side or lose his trust because you may never get a friendship like his ever again in your lifetime.
Some girl: omg isn't that N'dari
Some guy: yeah he hella cool
by Nanavoodoo May 16, 2018
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