Similar to shitposting but explicitly using black people or racist memes.
Jim you better stop n posting pictures of Nelson Mandela's 13 inch dark dong in my wife's ass before I beat your dick off.
by Nig took my KFC December 23, 2020
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When some douchebag comments on your facebook status to try and make you look like a complete dumbass/ fag when in actuality your comeback results in that person calling you multiple times to delete the post to save them from the shit they'll get at school the following day. Usually the person has done this multiple times with the same outcome and their only defense is to call you an "asshole"

(Happens to Gabe L. on a daily basis)
post: got a 5 year old kid to flip off a cop today...I'll make a great parent someday! :)

douchebag: no you won't because that would require you to hit pubery.

poster: dude you'd have to fork out a load of money that you don't have to even get a girl to think your sexually attractive, no less father her kid.

douchebag:I never paid you and I'm afraid that you think that I'm pretty attractive. Then again you think most men are attractive.

poster: Well your flabby tits are larger than most girls so it was a bit confusing...

(douchebag texts/calls you repeatedly to delete the comment. Resorts to begging to which you may or may not succumb to.)

friend sees the douchebag's attempt at a burn that got them totally fucked : "POSTED N' ROASTED!!"
by Kevin E. F. May 5, 2010
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