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A programmer who writes legendary code. This code is written by the coding legends of the legends. If you want to be a mythicalcode, you have to submit your code to the heavens, where it will be verified by the holiest of the holies. A mythicalcode also has numerous other advantages such as extra brain neurons, a bit more IQ than a regular human (only a 1000 IQ more, nothing major), and a tendency of attracting more girls.
Employer: Mythicalcode! You're hired!

* meanwhile in the changing room *
Employer's Wife: Aahhh, aahh, not there! Ahhhhhhh!
Employer's Wife: No wait, I'm going to burst! Ahh, feels so good. Nooo!
Mythicalcode: From now on... you are MINE.
by MythicalCode_ August 04, 2018
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A dumb person who thinks he is superior to normal people MythicalCodes refer to them selves as nerds but are nothing less then a potato
That newbie thought he was superior to us gamers what a MythicalCode
by iXalibur April 21, 2019
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