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When a Myspacer logs into Myspace and recieves "New Picture Comments" "New Comments" "New Friend Requests" "New Messages" "New Event Invitation" etc. all on one occasion. Often causes little Myspace whores to orgasm.
boycrazee96: omgz kelly
boycrazee96: i totez jst logged onto myspace and had like a bunch of new comments and pic comments and messages

lilprincess324: ohmigod tiff
lilprincess324: im soooooo jeal

boycrazee96: yea u shood b u fat loser
boycrazee96: im way more popular on myspace then u

lilprincess324: whatevs u so arnt

boycrazee96: ya i m

lilprincess324: y dnt u jst go hav a myspace orgasm u myspace whore

boycrazee96: k cya tard

lilprincess324: ttyl beeyotch

by =)omgzlolzrofl May 05, 2007
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