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one of the trickiest mutation of "human" kind. A myspace bitch will use the camera/ photoshop to create her own fake image for others to be deceived. A myspace bitch when she s not readin her favorite book "why men love bitches" spends her time browsin through profiles in order to find some male victim to fall in her trap. Usually up for rich whities, preferably not too bright. Reality is far out from what they present themselves to be. they love been commented on their pics.
OMG!!check out claire's page! she s such a myspace bitch!!
by totallrecall September 01, 2007
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someone who designs another person's myspace, sometimes for monetary benefit. very skilled with html and has a lot of extra time
person one: i dont really like my myspace...
person two: you could always get a myspace bitch
by caterthegator April 15, 2006
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A person stuck in the mid 2000's that looks like they jumped right out of a Myspace profile.
The look usually consists of: profile pictures taken from way above the head, edgy My Chemical Romance lyrics posted as statuses, jelly bracelets and monster tab necklaces are apart of their every day attire, and cannot leave the house without their very loved black studded belt and clip on 'coon tail hair extensions.
Look at that girl unironically listening to NeverShoutNever! on her Zune. Talk about a true MySpace bitch.
by Uncle Chux June 11, 2017
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