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The epitomy of lame, sad and everything else that goes with badly gelled hair, fluoro clothes and wearing waaay too much lynx. This class of teens essentially can't tell the difference between house and techno music and generally have poor shaving skills. Many muzztecs are reassuringly involved in the hosting of underages and are able to shuffle like idiots creating a dicky image for themselves, henceforth giving a reason for cooler people to laugh histerically at their pathetic behaviour. They are easily identified on the streets-just listen out for, "hey bro, how fully sick is my jacket from industrie/cotton on?" or go to your nearest cheap skate shopping centre. Female muzztecs, despised by many, are Supre-clad with bad outdated haircuts generally known as the mullet. Overage muzztecs (muzztecs fitting in the age group of 20+) generally have no clue and should, at that age think about how stupid they seem to most. Overall, the muzztecs contribution to society is very minimal and 'doof doof' music becomes even more annoying when the same song is on everyone's myspace.
muzztec says: iM sO iN LuVV WiFf Ma BaBii GuuRL/bOii (needing some english skills.. obviously)..... relationship lasts no more than 3 weeks
by muzza haters 22 January 20, 2008
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