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A person with such physical deformities that it is shocking to society. The elephant man would be considered a mutoid. Mutoids are often employed at Goodwill's for pennies on the dollar. Mutoids can sometimes be seen walking the streets aimlessly. Gender can be questionable.
Wow, did you see that mutoid that just walked by? It had eight fingers on one hand and a forehead that looked like a drive-in theater.
by WishingWellJulie September 22, 2016
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A form of steroid so powerful it has been known to mutate those who take it. The steroid that is.

A steroid of choice for mutants. Expecially S-Men.
The goggle-eyed freak must have been munching on mutoids. I bet he's a member of the S-Men!
by skerrytime July 17, 2014
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