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1. a really sweet, passionate, smart, attractive, hard-working, funny, all-around amazing guy
2. someone who makes a girl feel like a queen
3. someone a girl would want to cuddle and/or talk with and/or share ice cream and/or a movie with
4. someone a girl would really want to kiss and/or make love to
5. someone who cooks and sings really well
6. someone who likes going places with is girlfriend
7. someone who likes going nowhere with his girlfriend
8. someone who tries really hard to make everything perfect for his honey, even though he doesn't have to at all
9. someone a girl is so lucky to have or call her own
10. someone really really cute and still really really hot
::sigh:: that mushy poola is just so dreamy. he's like a dreamboat. he makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. he just writes me the sweetest emails. AND he just bought me a soft scarf and yummy pad thai. i'm going to have 10,000 babies with him.
by nyah November 08, 2004
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