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Pronunication: m'rf-an-&t-E
Actual state of mind or being. No longer in clinical use.
Law of nature.
Condition of mind with the tendency to press and display member to a fully populated double-decker bus from a second story window when 'given the opportunity', to frat, to punish tanqueray ten straight out the bottle, to __ l.babes, to suck at fifa06, to wear polos and pocket ts, to say boom, boom, boom, shevchenko, and to be constantly fabulous. In most judicial jurisdictions, a degree of consciousness sufficient to warrant commitment to a frat or kibbutz.


1. Of or relating to an action committed in the state of murphanity.
2. Consumed with seizing the tiggles
3. Of or consistent with the acquisition of a befittingly located prison wound during drunken tomfollery.
It's murphanity--half man, half amazing, half fabulous.
by Shmuelly von Shmooligan August 12, 2006
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