Murim is a mystery to most people, and it's intended to be that way!
Murim is a coinciding world within the world. (Although not literally a planet) For example the wizard world in Harry Potter, and the Murim world in The Breaker manhwa. Murim is a name to describe "organisations" that only a select thew people in the entire world are eligible to know about. You must be qualified, like being a wizard or luckily being born into a family that is already apart of Murim etc etc. Usually these "Murim worlds" are so different to the world you and I know of, that if it became publicly known that it exists, it could change the face of the earth; causing panic and power struggle. Thus it stays a secret for the benefit of everyone.

Complicated I know but hopefully you catch my drift.
"What exactly should we do now that the world knows of Murims problems?"

"Once you're apart of Murim there's no going back!"
by UpInMyOwnWorld October 23, 2015
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