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A person with an obsession for the muppets and muppet merchandise. Such a person will usually procure a strong collection of muppets and be especially fond of functional muppets. Generally, muppet-philiacs prefer Kermit and harbor a secret crush on Miss Piggy. Muppet-philiacs live on their wits and by doing so are semi-successful in obtaining autographs and/or tickets to muppet-centric events without spending money, although they will resort to such measures if need be. Muppet-philiacs have a hard time grasping the fictitious nature of the muppet characters, especially in their childhood, and will often imbue said characters with a life of their own. There is some cross-over with muppet-philiacs and sesame street fans or with any other Jim Henson shows/films. Muppet-philiacs are of two breeds: Closet muppet-philiacs and regular muppet-philiacs (the latter often being pedophilles as well). Muppet-philiacs usually never shed their fixation, and if he/she does he/she should be considered a very fortunate individual.

You know you are a muppet-philiac if you are frustrated that the word muppet is not capitalized.
Steve is a muppet-philiac, he makes his wife role-play as Miss Piggy.
by gelatinous g-man March 25, 2009
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