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sneaky, devious, nasty, back-stabbing or using the rules in an otherwise cunningly misleading manner to trick someone, whether in a game or in real life.

Named after the cardgame Munchkin, where players are encouraged to mislead and backstab eachother, and even cheat (allowed as long as you're not caught).
In an game of Munchkin Impossible, Steve is has "British" as a loyalty, allowing him to walk away unharmed if a monster is more than 10 levels stronger than him.

He encounters a level 20 monster, himself being level 7, and walks away safely. His opponent quickly plays a +5 bonus on him, making him strong enough not to be able to walk away but not strong enough to beat the monster.

A proper response by Steve would be: "Oh, how munchkinly!"
by picodealion April 29, 2011
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