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Multivation - 1.The act of being motivated by marijuana to be creative, energized and productive.
2.The creative chi that the chemical THC releases to those who are by nature motivated.

Can not be used within a group of lazy weed smokers.

Used only by pro-active smokers and productive tokers.
After eating a healthy meal Chief Vador, Eddie G and The Hamor were taking their dogs to the beach when Spencer Hamor suggests, "Hey Homies, lets go jog an entire hike to the top of the mountain and back down." Then Salvador replies, "Hell yeah Man, I'm only too down!" That's when Eddie G agrees, "Yeeuuppp let's do it Mayne." The Hamor states, "Let's drink some smoothies, fill up the camelbaks and blaze up for some extra multivation."
by The93Hamor February 17, 2013
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