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origionated from the phrase "muffin top", "multigrain muffin top" describes a person that not only wears pants that are obviously too tight, but wears a whole outfit too tight.

-wearing boots that have excess fat bulging from the top
-tee top shirts where the bulge can be seen protruding from the arm holes (usually added is the outline of rolls in front)
-pants that bulge above the waist band
-shorts that leave a bulg of fat squeezed out of the top and bottom
-braceletes, wristbands, or stylish gloves that are too tight

by succeeding in two, or all of the above, you have acheived multigrain muffin top
that chick's not only rocking the muffin top, but its a multigrain muffin top
by renerawr March 04, 2010
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