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A period of time when one is feeling down and out. Depressed, hopeless, lonely and sad.
I do not feel like going out tonight because I have the mully grubs.
by born2bblonde June 22, 2006
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At our house, mullygrubbing always meant feeling sorry for oneself, being in a blue funk, morose...a GrubWort, on the other hand, is a very dirty little kid, usually with sand/ dirt/food, etc. stuck to his face and hands
She had been mullygrubbing all day, complaining and scowling.
The little GrubWort left tracks all over the kitchen floor.
by Vintageof47 September 04, 2007
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a very dull individual. one who would rather work or do things a normal person would not enjoy doing, instead of having fun.
Josh: "Sam, you should come to my party tonight."
Sam: "No, I'm having dinner with Melissa."
Josh: "You're such a mullygrub."
by christmahannukwanza December 15, 2010
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In North Staffordshire - England, "Mullygrubbing" is a form of punisment, usually given by an older brother to a younger sibling. A kind of bullying. To mullygrub someone you must get the victim into a position whereby there head is clasped between your upper-legs, face forward, scalp to you. Then you rub your knuckles agressively into their hair for several seconds - even a minute or two has been known. Ask my younger sister!
Melanie you twat! For nicking my fireworks I'm going to give you a jolly good mullygrubbing!
by Andy Gann January 18, 2008
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The little pieces of lint that accumulate in your belly button from wearing cotton t-shirts.
Over the years I've collected enough mullygrubs to make a pillow.
by Joseph Lee April 05, 2007
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