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Rule 1
When you see a Mullet, be the first to call it and punch all of your friends. Call out "Mullet!" as you sock them in the arm. Depending on the severity of the mullet, adjust the applied pressure of the fist accordingly. As in, the standard middle age guy mullet, just punch them. If it's like a Kentucky Waterfall or a Meximullet, you should be trying to knock them off of their chair.

Rule 2
The "That's not a Mullet!" cry from the punched. Mullet is defined as, "Business in the front and party in the back," by all authorities on the subject. If you are the first to see a questionable mullet, it is up to you to punch for it, or cry out "Void Mullet," meaning that you see it but it hardly qualifies as a mullet, and you don not wish to be hit in return. You can not apply the void mullet exception to a blatant mullet just because you are a pussy and do not wish to be hit.

Rule 3
The "Mullet Free Zone." Because of the staggering punishment that may be evoked by certain places and events, all parties can agree on a temporary truce to mullet tag. This truce is temporary, and only implies the actual place or event. Like if we go into a Wal-Mart, and declare a truce because it's unemployment check day, the "Mullet Free Zone," is only for the interior of the store, unless otherwise stated, so if we follow a mullet out of the store, it's fair game immediately after the door frame.

Penalties, since you will always have one friend challenging every mullet he gets punched for, when the hair is determined to be a true mullet, then he receives one penalty punch. Simply asking "Where?" does not imply a challenge, you as the Mullet Puncher do have the responsibility of pointing out a mullet for which punching has been issued. If the hair is not a true mullet upon further inspection, the Mullet Puncher receives one, wide open and no ducking, return punch.
Last week was Welfare Wednesday. I got my ass kicked in Mullet Tag, when we went to Wal-mart
by Aegis1984 January 19, 2006
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