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Muirinn is a unique Irish name meaning "sea fair" or "White Sea" Muirinns usually come across very quiet and reserved to people who don't know them personally but once you get to know them they are real fire crackers who come up with the best innuendos. Muirinn is a natural beauty usually with red or dark brown hair who is extremely underrated. When drunk Muirinn is known to be wreak less but we forgive her cause she's so damn funny after 2 shots of tequila. Muirinn is a friend for life, friends of Muirinns are extremely lucky as they are loyal and kind.
Did you see that hot girl over there?

Yeah but she seems real quiet.

Naw man, she's definitely a Muirinn, talk to her and go for it!
by Giraffeandpanda September 21, 2016
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