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there is two different kinds of muffin top mountaineers, vanilla and chocolate.

vanilla muffin top mountaineers are white men that cannot find/ or get any skinny or in shape women so they fall to the bottom of the food chain to obese, fat women.

chocolate muffin top mountaineers are men, mostly of african american decent who embark on adventures to find fat white girls to claim and conquer. Occasionally black girls. mostly white girls because thats what the chocolate muffin top mountaineers crave.
Dude check out colin, he's totally hitting on that fat bitch with grease stains on her shirt, what a vanilla muffin top mountaineer.

Yo nigga check out tyron, he's totally slappin his meat on that pasty fat hoe, lookin all like Buddha's sista watta chocolate muffin top mountaineer.
by thefatbitchslayer January 28, 2011
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