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Someone who is a complete moron and always has no idea what they are talking about. Another name for this type of individual would be a K Squirrel.
Katie babbled on and on about her "fake" boyfriend in Pennsylvannia. She is such a mudhead!
by the "Sh" in KaSh November 04, 2006
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Mudhead is a racial epithet used in the Milky-way galaxy that refers to the humanoid race of 'Mankind' that inhabits the planet Earth. Since Earth resides so closely to its sun and the evolution of life is so destructive, Earth is regarded by the intelligent races of the galaxy as a filthy and inferior world. The term is generally used to describe Mankind's self consuming fear of existence, and his primitive rationalization process. It also describes Mankind's inability to focus for prolonged periods of time (relative to him, or anyone else)
"He could never understand what we say, he's a mudhead."

"It's almost funny to just sit back and watch the mudhead suffer."

"That is such a 'mudhead' thing to do!"

"They're just stupid mudheads, they should all die."
by Gibson Quincy May 10, 2010
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