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Müd(Daŵg-in) - verb (sport)

A recreational activity wherein one or more participants engage in driving through wet or muddy terrain, using mainly large off-road vehicles.

The sport version is played with 2 or more individuals/groups in competition to see which vehicle can be completely covered in mud.
"Hey, 'Bear'! Get ur 4x4 we're goin ' mud doggin'!"
by OpaqueIncandescence April 24, 2018
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An evening activity in which the participants each purchase a 7eleven big gulp soda of their choice, pour out half of the contents, fill it back up with a liquor of choice and proceed to wander around a heavily populate area until their drinks are finished. Usually results in lots of public urination.
Poor friend- "Dude, I don't have enough money to go out to the bars tonight. Let's just go Mud-doggin'!"
by Soul Brutha October 18, 2011
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