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Can also be spelled "mudd butt blast"

1. (N) Severe gastrointestinal disturbances; symptoms include, but are not limited to, diarrhea, bubble gut, intense cramping, sharting, sudden and unprovoked sphincter clenching and ruined underpants.

Often the result of a long night of drinking, followed by the "this will make my hangover not as bad tomorrow" meal. Tacos, burritos, pizza, hamburgers, etc., will not prevent the mudd butt blast. Hydrate, my friends, hydrate.

2. (N) The result of a failed attempt at stifling a shart. Warm, runny, yet intensely odiferous and pungent. Mud butt blasts often leave stains that cannot be removed, resulting in ruined clothing.

3. (V) The act of dispensing of a mud butt blast anywhere. Due to the unpredictability of mudd butt blasts, these often occur in ones own shorts or pants.
1. I just finished a horrible mud butt blast... I BARELY made it to the toilet in time.

2. Matt just had to throw away his cutoff jean shorts because he left a raunchy mud butt blast in them. It even dripped out the pant leg!

3. Poor mikey... He mud butt blasted himself at church this morning while he was accepting the body of christ.

by S. Bruno May 11, 2008
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