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(N) A figure of speech used to express extreme disgust and/or astonishment, shock, temporary fits of anger, or otherwise feelings of intense disappointmn. Usually accompanied by a blank stare, the blue eagle or in extreme cases, complete loss of bowel control. The phrase originated hundreds of years ago, but has since been popularized in use by a certain Dean at a certain High School in 1997. Since then, the term has been widely used by the general public.

Toilet paper was strewn from the windows, flushed into the toilets and clogged into the urinals. Ceiling panels were floating on the floor. Hand soap was used like finger paints all over the mirror. The paper towel dispenser was in pieces and the trash can was upside down, its cntents gracefully fluttering through the air... The only words that came to Dean Cordova's mind in his abject horror were: "Sweet Baby Jesus!"

The rest, my friends, is a LEGACY.
by S. Bruno May 14, 2008

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Can also be spelled "mudd butt blast"

1. (N) Severe gastrointestinal disturbances; symptoms include, but are not limited to, diarrhea, bubble gut, intense cramping, sharting, sudden and unprovoked sphincter clenching and ruined underpants.

Often the result of a long night of drinking, followed by the "this will make my hangover not as bad tomorrow" meal. Tacos, burritos, pizza, hamburgers, etc., will not prevent the mudd butt blast. Hydrate, my friends, hydrate.

2. (N) The result of a failed attempt at stifling a shart. Warm, runny, yet intensely odiferous and pungent. Mud butt blasts often leave stains that cannot be removed, resulting in ruined clothing.

3. (V) The act of dispensing of a mud butt blast anywhere. Due to the unpredictability of mudd butt blasts, these often occur in ones own shorts or pants.
1. I just finished a horrible mud butt blast... I BARELY made it to the toilet in time.

2. Matt just had to throw away his cutoff jean shorts because he left a raunchy mud butt blast in them. It even dripped out the pant leg!

3. Poor mikey... He mud butt blasted himself at church this morning while he was accepting the body of christ.

by S. Bruno May 11, 2008

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(N) The term used to explain the phenomenon that occurs when one has an intense need to take a massive dump. All cognitive processing is rendered hopeless. Often, even the simplest of questions seem like logarithms. Ones only thoughts consist of preventing the mud butt blast. Images of sharting in ones underpants haunt the afflicted.

In addition to cognitive processing, motor skills are also affected, mainly in the extremities. The focus, rather, is shifted to sphincter control. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to, pigeon walking, buttcheek clenching, hand on the anus, short choppy steps that appear similar to watching a midget run, all of which culminate in the jogging in place once you reach the toilet, scrambling to assume the position. Facial expressions such as the blue eagle are quite common and often one becomes fishbelly white in the face.
Jon was asked a simple question such as "What are some of your hobbies?" Since he had dump on the brain, his answer was less than sufficient and he was not hired at Wendy's.

Sean was on a conference call when he was immediately stricken with dump on the brain. Whats worse, he forgot to hit the mute button as his asshole exploded into the toilet.
by S. Bruno May 14, 2008

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1. (N) The "Blue Eagle" is a rather hideous facial expression that is used to express disgust, disdain, disappointment or any other general feeling of repudiation or angst. This facial expression was popularized by the Muppet Show character Sam, who is by no coincidence, a blue eagle. Extremely versatile and easy to use in just about any situation, the Blue Eagle is undoubtedly a look you do not want to receive. Often, those who see/receive the Blue Eagle also experience feelings of guilt and chastisement.

2. (V) The act of using this facial expression as a means of expressing disapproval for one's actions or behavior. Often used to describe a situation in which the blue eagle was used and for what purpose.
1. My friend Phil has a hideous blue eagle, but, that should be expected; he kinda invented it.

2. I blue eagled her after I realized how MASSIVE her vagina was!
by S. Bruno May 01, 2008

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1. (N) A very unfortunate event in which a simple trip to the restroom turns into a calamity of extreme proportions. The split trip occurs when a man is at the urinal enjoying an exhilarating piss and unexpectedly a mud butt blast escapes, possibly resulting in soiled underpants. To be safe, one is often required to shuffle gingerly into the nearest stall to perform a visual inspection, and/or the finger test. This extra trip to the stall constitutes the split trip.

2. (V) The act of split tripping oneself.
1. Devin only had a few minutes between meetings so he quickly went to the restroom to take a leak. Unfortunately, a catastrophe ensued and the simple trip turned into a split trip. Devin had shatted upon himself on accident.

2. Poor Phammy... He was pushing so hard at the urinal he not only ruptured a blood vessel in his eyeball, he also split tripped in his favorite bikin briefs.
by S. Bruno September 16, 2008

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1. (N) The Tran Van is half limousine, half bus; and full of hot trannies. The Tran Van makes house calls, picking up its male clients curbside or at their doorstep. Once inside, the man has consentual man-love with all the hot trannies on board, before he is returned home feeling really really gay and weird. Typically, after only one visit, the clients are hooked. Friends often need to stage interventions to prevent subsequent visits to the Tran Van.

My friend Matt got a pink sock from hanging out in the Tran Van all night.

Matt sure loves the Tran Van; he spends more time there than he does at home!

Matt took an all-tranny road trip from Miami to San Francisco in the Tran Van.
by S. Bruno April 25, 2008

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