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a famous american highschool orchestra conductor.
her symphony orchestra recieved 3 grammy awards.

known for fierceness and dedication

as a verb: to become wiebnered

when one makes a dumb mistake (or concert orchestra puts her in a bad mood) and ms. wiebner "attends" to him (more rarely her).


also imortant to know- when practicing with one section, ms. wiebner expects the others to be fingering
ms. wiebner, "Look: this is the thermostat. You touch it: I rip your arm off. Glad we had this little talk."
(that was "getting wiebnered")

ms. wiebner, " Oh shit! The bird is back!"
(fierceness and dedication)

ms. wiebner, "What happened? I thought we had a good violin section? No matter. We shall get through this piece, violins, or no!!!"
(fierceness, to become wiebnered)

ms. wiebner, "And where was the bass section? AGAIN!?!?"
by iowacityhigh July 13, 2010
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