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I. without a doubt a very offensive insult used to mock your peers

II. a teacher who has been heavily pregnant for what seems like years
(I) “jesus Jessica is being so annoying about this project!”
“i know she is such a Ms. Baker

(II) “dude hasn’t Ms. Geist been pregnant for the past two years???”
“i know man she is like the biggest Ms. Baker ever”
by 69bluntking420 June 17, 2018
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A teacher or professor in her cougar years with a large bust, full lips and wide hips. Thought of as being attractive, and has certainly been the cause of many stains on high school and college guys bed sheets.
Dude 1: Remember our old english teacher Ms. Baker?
Dude 2: Was she the one with phat ass tits, fat ass lips and bangin' ass lips?
Dude 1: Hell yeah dawg!
by Mister_Nøgenhat January 03, 2017
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