A teacher that is a big pain in the and doesn't give a crap what you say. If you try to explain something to her and she thinks its wrong , she'll fight for her amusement of being right. She's short and really mean to the people that don't smile at her. Thinks she's always right even if she's wrong. sometimes tries to trick you into thinking she's canceling a party or "fun time". Often sings and claps. Gets really annoying when she's teaching. A simple whisper will cause her to stop talking and find out who it was. Was once in the military and treats kids as if they were in the military as well. Barely breaks a smile. Only smiles if she makes a joke or something. don't get on her bad side or she'll " write you up!"
Boy: Ms. Diaz , I think you made a mistake on problem number 2.
Ms. Diaz: NO! I think YOU made a mistake talking out loud!
Girl 1: Man! Ms. Diaz is a real bitch!
Girl 2: Yeah! she won't let anybody talk at all! Not even if they're trying to explain something important!
by Muffinmow April 28, 2017