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A general interrogatory statement/question: similar in meaning to when, in graphic novels or comic strips, an author draws a character with a speech bubble that contains only punctuation marks.

When spoken aloud, can be further defined by the tone of voice in which it is delivered (eg, into a rhetorical or satiric question).

When texted, can be further defined by the use of punctuation.
A: Look at that!
B: mrf, squigit?
A: At that guy in the penguin suit over there.

B. Oh.

A: Let's go out tonight.
B: mrf squigit?
A: well, we could go to a movie.

A: *sigh*
B: mrf? squigit!
A: I'm just tired of all this #$@#
by sathena99 November 01, 2011
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