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The mechanical voice inside my head that controls me.
It takes me where I want to go, it gives me all I need to know, it lays me down it uses me up, Mr. Self Destruct
by TheKoromo-domo March 25, 2013
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1. A button in most mad scientists' lair that both blows up their crib and causes them to fall to their knees and yell, "NOOOOOOO!" while shaking their fists at the sky in a most hilarious manner.

2. Secondly, and more importantly, A song by Nine Inch Nails that was originally the first song on The Downward Spiral but now has three kickass remixes on Further Down The Spiral.
1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did I even invent that button? Why did I give such a cutesy name and put it in such pain sight?? Damn you Mr. Self Destruct! Boom...

2. boom... boom. boom. (indecipherable whisper)
boom. boom.boom.boom.boomboomboomboomboom
I am the voice inside your head (and i control you). I am the lover in your bed (and i control you). I am the sex that you provide (and i control you). I am the hate you try to hide (and i control you).
by Fitoflaughter January 15, 2007
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