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Mr. Chair (also known as Mr. Stol or Herr Stol in Amnesia Custom Story- Redemption ) is a chair that often appears as an oriental chair with green satin covering it, although sometimes the satin will be red or he will be entirely wooden. Generally, every chair in every game is considered "Mr. Chair," depending on whether or not PewDiePie acknowledges him. He was christened by PewDiePie in 2011, during the playthrough of Ao Oni.

Mr. Chair's birthday is on July 2 (as stated in "Slender Man Horror Game," posted July 2, 2012). He has a thick accent and will often greet PewDiePie with enthusiasm. When a jumpscare during a playthrough happens in the vicinity of Mr. Chair, said chair will apologize profusely and deny all accusations of the cause for the scare. During these wild apologies, he will attempt to shift the blame onto something else in the room (most commonly; barrels).
Mr. Chair, are you working with the barrels? MR. CHAIR HOW DARE YOU!
by 2kool4skoolnigguhs April 14, 2014
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