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Is an African-American pornographic actor better known as Mr 18 Inch, Tony T (not to be confused with another pornographic actor with the same stage name), Tony Titanic, Big T, Tony 18.Tony has been in the porno business since late 1997.

His debut was in that year's The Adventures of Mr. Eighteen Inches. He had sex with (and performed fellatio on) transsexual Sylvia Boots in Mr 18" and His Freaky Adventures, and performed in the all-transsexual videos, Mr 18" and the She-Male, and later, She-Male Rampage.

He has, perhaps, the largest penis in the porn business. He has claimed to be between 14" and 18", and upon watching the porn flick "18 inch anal club", scene 1, it appears he is telling the truth. At the point he removes his pants, his organ is nearly 12 inches long completely flaccid, its head hanging near his knee.

As with many of the massively-endowed porn stars, Tony sometimes has a bit of a difficult time bringing himself to a fully turgid state. In fact, sometimes he finds his penis being bent almost in half during his sex scenes. While he has drifted away from the porn industry scene in recent years, he still shoots a handful of movies each year.
by Pamela Lee October 18, 2006
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