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Wow, that was an amazing outburst. My views on mentally and emotionally pubescent girls have been permanently altered. Really, you don't like what I write, so you try to bash me. Ingenious. After all, free speech is just an illusion, and girls should be able to smell, look, and act like sluts and not be treated as such (I don't give people shit who don't give me shit, but I treat people like they can expect to be treated). Here's an idea, little girl. Why don't you go back to shopping for frilly things and pretending your life is full and enjoyable, and leave the thinking and talking to me. Bitching will not get your mind and soul back.
Mr. 1000 sez think before you write and think before you talk. Otherwise, you will be exposed for the cretin you are.

You don't know what I can do with my prick. If I ever got mentally castrated and became a pedophile, which is the only way I would go near a whore like you without a hazard suit, I would fucking rip through your little pussy. Forget that little orgasm, I'd give you a mother fucking PAINGASM-and that means no more G-spot. You would have to say good bye to the little diversion you get from putting out, meaning you would get only the pain from giving up a parcel of your existence. When I'd be done with you, you would have to close up that sperm bank you call a vagina and actually contribute with society.
by Mr. 1000 December 14, 2006
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